Introduction to UI/UX Design

Understanding the role of UI/UX design in digital product development.

Differentiating between UI and UX design.

Overview of the design process.

Introduction to design thinking principles


Basic html

Learn HTML5 from scratch.

Learn CSS3 from scratch.

Create responsive real world projects from scratch.

Learn CSS Grid and Flexbox Layout Modules.

Learn where to get free images, custom fonts.

Learn how to work with font-awesome icons


Information Architecture and Interaction Design

Defining information architecture and its importance.

Organizing information and creating sitemaps.

Developing user flows and task flows.

Designing effective navigation systems.

Prototyping interactive experiences using wireframes and mockups.


Visual Design and Branding

Working with color theory and typography.

Creating a visual hierarchy and consistent branding.

Designing for different devices and platforms.


Prototyping and Interaction Design Tools

Introduction to industry-standard design tools (e.g., Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Figma).

How to create a unique design using these tools.


Designing for Mobile and Responsive Web

Understanding mobile design principles and considerations.

Adapting designs for different screen sizes and resolutions.

Responsive web design techniques and frameworks


Collaboration and Communication

Working effectively with stakeholders, developers, and other designers.

Communicating design decisions and rationale.

Collaborative tools and techniques (e.g., design systems, style guides).


UI/UX Portfolio Development

Creating an impressive UI/UX portfolio.

Showcasing design process and project case studies.

Resume and job application tips.


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