Advanced Java-Syllabus

Introduction to Advanced Java

Overview of advanced Java features

Differences between Core Java and Advanced Java



Understanding threads and thread states

Synchronization and thread safety

Thread pools and Executors



Introduction to networking concepts

TCP/IP and UDP protocols

Socket programming

HTTP protocol and URL handling


Database Connectivity

Introduction to JDBC API

Connecting to databases using JDBC

Executing SQL queries and processing results

Using prepared statements and stored procedures


Spring Framework

Introduction to Spring Framework

Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control (IoC)

Using Spring for web development

Spring MVC and RESTful Web Services


Introduction to Spring Data Access

Spring Data Access

Using Spring JDBC and JdbcTemplate

Using Spring Data JPA and Hibernate


Spring Security

Overview of Spring Security Architecture

Understanding Authentication and Authorization

Using Spring Security for web application security


Spring Boot

Introduction to Spring Boot

Creating Spring Boot applications

Understanding Spring Boot starters and auto-configuration


Reactive Programming

Introduction to Reactive Programming

Understanding Reactive Streams

Using Spring WebFlux for Reactive programming


Spring Cloud

Introduction to Spring Cloud

Using Spring Cloud Config for configuration management

Using Spring Cloud Discovery for service discovery


Messaging with Spring

Introduction to messaging with Spring

Using Spring Integration for message-driven architectures

Using Spring AMQP for messaging with RabbitMQ


Testing Spring Applications

Overview of Spring Testing Framework

Writing Unit tests and Integration tests

Using Mocking frameworks for testing


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